Dear person, who just surrendered there animal to the shelter

Dear person who just surrendered there animal to the shelter,

First off, I don’t have sympathy for you. So don’t cry to me about how you just couldn’t watch your 15 year old dog you’ve had it’s entire life, be in pain, so instead you brought it to the shelter. Don’t cry to me about how your moving and or your having a baby or you got this cute puppy and now it’s peeing on your floor. I could cry… not for you, but for your poor animal sitting in fear, in a kennel surrounded by other scared animals and stressed beyond belief.

Second, I have many questions for you I’m deciding not to ask for fear of losing my job. 1) Why didn’t you find a place your “beloved” animal could live as well? Better yet how could you leave your animal behind. 2) How could you surrender your senior pet who has stuck by your side it’s entire life and in the reverse scenario would never leave you at your time of need? 3) Oh your having a baby! You don’t have time for your pet! Take a class on introducing your baby and pet, they have them in about every city. Why get your dog if your going to just give up on it, because you “don’t have time” are you bored? On to the next thing? 4) You! Who adopted or bought a “SUPER CUTE PUPPY, OMG, ITS SOOOOO CUTE” and then it peed on the floor, or chewed your shoe, and now you don’t want it. You drop it off at the shelter because it’s to hard and oh my god that cute little puppy you got is, dare I say it, acting like a PUPPY! What did you think was going to happen?

Congrats to you on the new great things in your life! The move, new job, baby, whatever it may be! I’m sure you will be so so happy.

Sad, your lifelong commitment, your companion, your furry friend you agreed to give a forever home to, the one by your side no matter what, won’t get to experience that happiness.

Because of your poor decision making your buddy will be left feeling abandoned, alone and wondering what they did wrong? At the shelter the staff will give them as much attention as possible considering they have to work with hundreds of animals a day, and give each one attention. A foster or rescue may pull him, an adopter may adopt him. Maybe he will sit there for days, maybe weeks, maybe months. Maybe he will be overlooked, maybe he won’t. Maybe he will make it out alive, again, maybe he won’t. It’s a harsh reality everyone needs to face. Especially you, the one who left him here. Volunteers will work days on end to get your pet adopted, and people in the community will network as much as possible. Everyone will share the story about your pet and the heartless individual that dropped him off here.

Don’t worry, we will work our hardest to get your pet into a loving home. That’s our job, that’s what we do, we take care of homeless animals and find them forever homes. Our only hope, is that one day, we won’t have to.



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