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The light of my L I F E.

This bitch(sorry mom, but she is a female dog) goes by the name of Tatum. This may be the first but will not be the last time you read a blog post about her. She is the absolute light of my life. Along with my other pooch who will get her time in the spotlight another day… her name is Miss Caye, be on the lookout for her own blog post in the near future.

Tatum is exactly what I said she is… A bitch. You can add little shit to the list. Like I said though, she’s the light of my life. I did know that my one dog that weighs 3 pounds, and is practically my child wasn’t dog enough for me. She is my child, a small baby basically, she does nothing a dog does, she even has a stroller so she doesn’t have to actually walk on WALKS. She doesn’t swim, she doesn’t retrieve, she doesn’t like other dogs, let alone the dog park. She spends the day sleeping On a mountain of pillows on what she likes to think is her, king size bed. Shes a diva.

I spent zero time looking for a dog. You know, a huge commitment for a college student, and I spent ZERO time. One Saturday, new to the area, I went to the petsmart, I knew the local shelter would be doing adoptions. I walked up to the group of fosters running the event, told them I was looking for a puppy that would be a big dog. It was between two puppies, I quickly chose Tatum. She seemed smart, she was 4 months, knew how to sit, was off leash and her foster was TALKING HER UP! Now working for the shelter and even being a foster, this is funny to me. Tatum was horrible. She wanted her gone and into her “forever home” ASAP. Tatum drove me insane with her screaming crying when I would leave. Her constant pottying in the house and chewing half of my belongings.

It’s almost been a year sense that day I walked up to petsmart and adopted my nightmare puppy and my dream dog. Tatum is everything I ever wanted, she swims, retrieves, loves the dog park, people & other dogs, lives for cuddling with me in bed at night, protective over me and would go after anyone who tried to harm me. She has the biggest, sweetest heart of any dog I’ve ever owned and her loyalty is everything to not just her but both of us. She still has accidents, she still occasionally chews something and pisses me off. I can’t stay mad at those eyes for more then a few minutes maybe even seconds. She is the light of my life.

Tatum just took my time and patience as many things do in life. So for those of you with that nightmare puppy, hold tight! Give them that time and patience and lots of love and you’ll have a great dog on your hands. And for those of you looking into getting a puppy consider adopting, I saved Tatums life. She survived being a parvo puppy(fatal puppy disease, most of her siblings didn’t make it), being urgent and risking euthanasia at the shelter, going foster to foster. You could save a life just like my Tators!(no I didn’t misspell that and it’s not a typo, Tatum quickly became Tator tot, which soon became Tator). Adopt people, you won’t regret it, not even for a minute. Okay maybe a few minutes, if you adopted a puppy. But, don’t fret it’s all worth it!


I leave you with these great Tatum pictures.







For a long time, and I mean, for a long time, I’ve wanted to be a writer. I figured this out at 6 years old while reading outrageous amounts of Junie B. Jones books. I was the kind of child that my parents had to come in at night and take the book, lying across my stomach, off of me. I couldn’t stop reading, even if I were falling asleep. Yes, that book was also typically Junie B. Jones. I wrote many “books”, or what felt like books, to my young self. In school I never cared about any subjects other then, reading and English. I could go on but…well you get the point! So now fast forward I’m 20 years old, a prestigious college dropout with a major in economics(explains the dropout situation) and a, some may say, “insane” obsession with animal rescue. After almost a year of not being in school and working for the local animal shelter I’ve truly found my passion. Unfortunately, as I’ve been told many times “there’s no money in rescue” blah blah blah. I came to my conclusion of my now major, journalism.

My dream…. One day, write about dogs, animal rescue, pit bulls in a positive light, my love for chihuahuas, the list goes on. You could say my ultimate dream is to change the mind of others, influence people to become apart of the rescue world, all while doing something I love, writing.

So today, I start my blog, “Lousonder”. “Lou” is a nickname I go by, and “sonder” has it’s own beautiful definition. Sonder means…”the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”. I’m just a girl, figuring things out one day at a time just like everyone else, so the word really spoke to me and really summed up the meaning for my blog. I’m someone who loves to laugh, books, animals, jewelry, shopping, traveling and mostly, I’m a young adult trying to find my way in this crazy world, just like many of you. So I hope you can relate. I’m going to leave you with an incredible video of what the word, sonder, truly means.

Thank you all for reading and I look forward to more posts.